The SuperGirl Project

The Super Girl Project is a socio-educational project of the Nucleus Africa targeted at empowering adolescent girls across Africa with the necessary skills needed to unravel their full potential.

This program is aimed at improving the girls to be the best of themselves and for societal improvement.

“Educating a girl educates a nation. It unleashes a ripple effect that changes the world unmistakably for the better”

Irina Bokova, the Director-General of UNESCO

Girls in the rural areas of Nigeria and Africa as a whole are often subjected to a rough journey and an unhealthy transition from girlhood to womanhood because of their environment.

They are at high risk of dropping out of school, poor health facilities, unintended pregnancy thereby increasing truancy, population, and the already high rate of poverty in the nation.

Across Africa, it is estimated that about 16 million girls are out of school. This fact limits the number of girls who can grow to become women of integrity and voice of the nation.

This sad reality propels Nucleus Africa to start this program, the super Girls project intending to reach out to girls who are vulnerable by the virtue of their environment, to equip them with vital skills, expose them to better ways of maintaining hygiene and enhance their capacity so they can lead fulfilling and productive lives.

The focus of this program is to train girls in the following six areas

  1. Menstrual hygiene
  2. Sex education
  3. Public speaking
  4. Leadership
  5. Financial literacy
  6. Digital skill

For a woman to stand as a voice to society, she had to be well-groomed in these vital life skills, that is why our project is targeted at adolescent girls, grooming and empowering them.

When adolescent girls are healed to grow into responsible adults and become role models in their community, hence making a move to make the society a better place for the upcoming generation.

To make all these possible, we run webinars online regularly on our Facebook page and also carry out physical outreach in various states of the nation, gathering clusters of girls in educational facilities, religious centers, and communities to educate them and for continued mentoring.