Rural Education Advancement Program (R.E.A.P)

At Nucleus Africa, we create the opportunity for children of very poor people in rural communities to get basic quality education. We believe that all children should get access to quality education irrespective of the economic status of their parents.

The objective of our Rural Education Advancement Program is to increase school enrollment, retention and completion rates of children in rural areas particularly in economically disadvantaged communities.

We also train teachers from the local communities where our schools are located, helping to enhance the quality of their teaching experience and classroom instruction.

Access to quality education in many rural areas across Africa is largely limited to the availability of poor public infrastructure. In many cases, all needed provision for education are nonexistent; few and absentee teachers, dilapidated school buildings, lack of motivation for education and danger associated with long distance to school locations.

Due to the poor economic status of many parents in rural areas, children are more engaged with labour and farming activities, thereby discouraging acquiring basic education.

Our schools operate in buildings and spaces donated by, or rented from villagers. We work with local communities and associations in the management of the schools and train instructors selected from each village where our schools are located.

Our primary schools cover all subjects in the Nigerian curricular including extra-curricular activities like sports, excursions and talent development.

We provide all needed support to our children including workbooks, textbooks, uniforms, sandals, stationery also intend to include mid-day lunch to encourage enrollment, retention and enhance the nutritional development of our children.

Enabling children to read and write independently with comprehension; enabling marginalized rural communities to experience alternative and meaningful education; empowering communities to demand quality education from the government.