Rural Education Advancement Program (R.E.A.P.)

A prominent problem faced in the rural parts of the nation is poor quality education. The reasons for this are not far-fetched; the level of socio-economic development in these areas is low, poor infrastructure and lack of basic amenities are factors that co-exist to cause poor quality education.

In places where they are fortunate to have schools, the teachers are irregular and unmotivated to teach coupled with a lack of necessary teaching aid making their work stressful.

Basic school/primary education lays the educational foundation in the lives of children and this stage should be handled with utmost importance and premium care.

Unfortunately, this is not obtainable in rural areas, thereby jeopardizing the future of children in that environment.

It is in solving this deficiency in the rural education system that Rural Education Advancement Program (REAP) was designed.

REAP stands to solve this problem, to create a better society, and impact many lives. This project is to the benefit of both the children in the poor communities and the volunteer teachers.

This is a voluntary social development system that mobilizes student teachers from tertiary institutions in those rural communities to take up the responsibility of providing better quality teaching and education to children in these areas. This is usually in partnership with the management of the tertiary institutions.

This program gives the chance of better education and prospective future to children while also providing an opportunity for work experience for the student-teacher which might be relevant in their curriculum vitae.

Also, it provides the opportunity to impact lives to volunteer teachers who have a heart of service, a chance to make the world a better place and secure the future of a child.

Proper quality education is a means of securing the future of the upcoming generation, which is a big deal and one of the goals of Nucleus Africa. Children are the leaders of tomorrow and the future of our land, who needs to be taken care of and well monitored.

At Nucleus Africa, we believe that all children should have access to quality education regardless of the economic status of their parents and environment.

Hence, this project is to create opportunities for children in rural communities to get basic quality education like their peers in the urban centers.