Public Speaking Webinar: Build Your Confidence

Super Girl Project Team

Have you been asked to give a speech before quite a number of people? How did you go about it?

You may be wondering, what public speaking is and why it is important. These questions are quite logical if you’ve never thought much about public speaking before. There are many benefits to speaking in public but it all begins with building confidence in yourself.

We can trace the origins of modern public speaking back to ancient Greece and Rome.

If you ask most people, they’ll probably say they don’t like public speech. They may even admit to being afraid of it since the fear of public speaking is a very common fear. Or they may just be shy or introverted. For these reasons, many people avoid speaking in public. If you’re one of those people who avoid speaking in public, you’re missing out.

You want to know more about public speaking and how you can build your self-confidence, then join our webinar coming up on the 23rd of May at 7pm where we will be discussing a topic on Public Speaking.

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