Life Skills Training

Life skills training for 320 girls in Ikorodu community + images of the event.

It is believed that youngsters in rural communities have limited access to education and skills especially the girls. In some of these communities, girls are not allowed to go to school. In a bid to save more money, parents prefer to keep them at home while the boys go to school or acquired skills on their behalf. As a result, the rate of illiteracy is higher amongst girls than it is amongst boys. This has dire consequences on these girls as some of them grow up with timidity, inferiority complex, ignorance, naivete as well as illiteracy. Unfortunately, these traits attract poverty to the life of an individual.

Nucleus Africa deemed it necessary to conduct a free life skills training to curb this unfortunate situation. The program took place in a small community which is located in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria. We felt it would help the residents of the community who couldn’t afford to enroll in skill acquisition programs.

The program which kicked off on the 8th of October, 2020 helped expose young girls to crucial topics relating to the girl child. We trained them on menstrual hygiene management and sex education. We believe that this would help secure the future of these young girls. By teaching them all they need to know about menstrual hygiene and puberty in general, it would reduce the risk of health issues that occur due to menstrual uncleanliness. We also believed that every teenage girl should have a dose of adequate sex education. This is to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancies, sexual abuse or molestation etc.

Public speaking was also one of the skills we taught the girls. We felt they needed skills that would help them stand out of the crowd, skills that would help them find their voices and use it to better other people’s lives. Billionaire copywriter, Dan Lok listed out 10 skills that can pay anyone in any part of the world and public speaking happened to be one of them. We also believe that this skill can also put meals on their tables. Plus, we want to lead them closer to living their dreams of becoming influential women in society.

But as you know, no matter how wealthy a man gets if he doesn’t manage his finance properly, it won’t be long till he goes back to square one. In our bid to prevent such misfortunes for our students, we included financial management in the training. We did this hoping that these young girls would get to learn how money works and how to manage their resources better.

We see this as a form of investment, we believe that teaching the young ones to manage their finances would help reduce the poverty rate in the country.

Our program recorded an attendance of about 200 girls in that community. Most of these girls came from families who were struggling to survive. Some were the breadwinners of their families as their parents were either late, extremely old, or critically ill.

With the help of the entire community, we were able to mobilize as many teenage girls as possible. They also helped us find suitable locations for the training as well as other essential things they could help with.

This project was more or less a continuation of our nationwide campaign to empower young girls in rural communities with critical life skills. We believe that this would help them deal with life challenges better. Moreover, this is a wonderful opportunity to prepare them for the revolution the world is experiencing. If we succeed in touching as many rural communities as possible, rural residents will no longer depend solely on subsistence farming to survive, neither will they have to struggle for survival. This is indeed one of the solutions to the ever-increasing rate of poverty in Nigeria.

We were quite certain that our goal in that community was achieved. The residents of the community did not fail to vehemently express their gratitude and they hoped that we’d return with more of such projects.

Nucleus Africa is not an organization seeking fame through philanthropic projects. Our goal is to empower citizens -at all categories- with the necessary knowledge needed for societal development. Like they say “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean” we strongly believe that these little efforts will one day amount to something great, as long as we remain persistent.

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