Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Organisation

Is Nucleus Africa an NGO or a Commercial Organization?

Nucleus Africa is registered as a social enterprise. We are driven by a burning desire to serve vulnerable children in rural communities across Africa.

Apart from donating, how else can one partner with Nucleus Africa?

We are constantly on the lookout for good natured experienced professionals who are passionate about helping the large community of underserved people receive knowledge- be it for children through our schools outreach (Nucleus Academy) or through our girl child advocacy program (The Super Girl Project) or through our vocational education (Empowered Hands) interventions in rural areas. So apart from your generous donation of funds, we would love to have you give us your time by volunteering at our programs or you could share talent and knowledge with our beneficiaries.

Can I donate needed items other than funds?

Yes, we would be pleased to receive needed items for any category of our beneficiaries. Kindly peruse our causes, determine the project for which you would like to donate and leave us a message here or send us a mail at

How can I get employed by Nucleus Africa?

Nucleus Africa is powered by a motivated team of volunteers who are passionately promoting our objectives both in-office and out-fields to bring optimum impact to the society. We are presently not hiring but will publicize our vacancies when there are openings.

Frequently Asked Questions - Programs

Do you have any affiliate program for children?

Children in rural areas play a pivotal role in our impact effort. It is for this reason that our Nucleus Academies program was designed- To empower children in rural communities with access to quality education. Nucleus Academies is providing education for over 1000 children in 18 rural communities across Nigeria with plans in the offing to expand to other areas of the country and across Africa. Our aim is to give these children a chance to attain their full potential and not be limited by the inadequacies of their communities.

How does Nucleus Africa reach the rural communities?

We rely on data sourced from our Project Impact Assessment (PIA) report which is a research effort conducted to determine locations where our services are most needed and impact maximized.

Does Nucleus Africa charge a fee for its programs?

All our programs are free. However, we occasionally run paid programs and ensure that such programs are really very affordable for our beneficiaries in order to optimize impact.

How to volunteer with Nucleus Africa?

Kindly visit the volunteer page and fill the form therein. We will contact your afterwards.


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