Education for children in Dagbolu


Have you ever wondered why Nigeria is so underdeveloped after 60 years of independence? It’s because we fail to investigate pending issues in our society. One of these issues is basic education.

Research conducted by the NMEC showed that about 35% of Nigerian adults are illiterates. That’s quite an alarming rate and if necessary action is not taken, this unfortunate situation will continue to escalate.

One of our goals at Nucleus Africa is to make useful contributions to the development of our society. But societal development can be hindered by the alarming rate of illiteracy and ignorance in the country.

Most children and youths in rural communities can only dream of the life they desire. Sadly, the reality is very different from the movies where an extremely poor young man meets someone who sees potentials in him and decides to change his life for good.

In reality, the poor usually remain poor unless necessary steps are taken towards eradicating their situation.

Tucked in a typical rural geographical location of Osun state, is a village community mostly unknown to millions of people resident in major cities of Nigeria and across Africa.

Dagbolu village is a small rural agrarian settlement of about 1500 residents, many living in houses made of clay and far removed from the boisterous metropolitan city capital of their state. Dagbolu village is a typical example of a rural community with a high rate of poverty. Just like other rural communities, residents lack access to basic education and they have to farm and do manual jobs to sustain themselves. They live in mud houses and their farms are quite small for commercial farming so they usually have little or nothing to spare for education.

We found it expedient to run a basic summer school for the children living in this community as the need for more children to sit in class learning was visibly seen. Working in collaboration with the leadership of the village, we were given a building space (unused and uncompleted) to set up classes and school structures to educate the children of this village.

A total of 162 children in this village were beneficiaries of our school project, taking classes in basic primary subjects and interacting with our teachers, many of who are highly skilled in rural education.

We did this with the hope that the school would change their lives, provide them with the best quality of education, and most definitely give them a brighter future.

The appreciation from the parents and residents of this community for the effectiveness of our project was heartwarming as they pleaded for more of such intervention in the community as often as we can. The gratitude expressed by parents in this community was enough to show that our project had a positive impact on that community

It is the prayer of every parent to see their children attain heights that they never reached. We are quite certain that our project in Dagbolu village is a prayer answered for most parents in that community.

Imagine a Nigeria void of corruption, free from any form of terrorism. The aftermath of the EndSars protest should have taught us a great lesson. The protest was a time when educated and well-to-do youths spoke up, a time when they co-operated and cared for one another. But then the ignorant ones -probably due to illiteracy- decided to cause mayhem and bring havoc on the country, they went about destroying people’s businesses, stealing from legitimate earners, and killing innocent people, all in the name of fighting the government. Many people lost their sources of livelihood in the aftermath of the EndSars protest. My point is: if these so-called hoodlums grew up in better condition, perhaps they would have taken a different path in life, maybe they wouldn’t have ended up on the streets and maybe they would have known better than to further damage our already depreciating economy. We are also aware that many such hoodlums emerge from these kinds of communities so we target these communities when embarking on these kinds of projects.

We strongly believe that our project in the Dagbolu community and many more to come will go a long way in salvaging Nigeria’s deteriorating image.

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