Classes for Children at Akoda Community


The challenges confronting education in rural communities across Nigeria are acute. For many children, quality and accessibility are poor and relevance is not given the seriousness that it deserves. Low student enrolment and high drop-out are endemic and a range of school-related factors (such as the costs and location of schools) play a major role in keeping children out of school.

classes for children at Akoda community

In our bid to bridge this gap as a precursor to running our school in this community, Nucleus Africa ran a free summer school in Akoda village, a rural settlement in Osun state Nigeria with a population strength of about 50,000 residents. We thought that by creating the opportunity for children in the community to attend classes for free, they stood a better chance to gain access to education and aspire for educational advancement. Plus, priority is using this project to impact lives positively.

The free classes which ran through the summer of August 2018 exposed the children of the village to a richer classroom experience thereby rekindling their aspirations to seek and acquire education. Although the summer school was not the main package, we discovered that the children had become more enthusiastic about education.

Our teachers who are highly skilled and experienced were mobilized to the community to take the classes in all subjects for primary classes 1 to 6. Our focus on this basic class is to help establish and build the foundation of education for the numerous children who do not have the opportunity to receive an education in communities such as Akoda.

classes for children at Akoda community

The project recorded a total enrolment of 210 children. Most of these children came from families that couldn’t afford to pay for their education. You can imagine the joy of parents to see their children finally have a taste of standard education, something they could only dream of.

Moreover, our volunteer teachers were phenomenal as they brought their expertise and experience to bear in the classrooms and helped us achieve our aim of making the children learn as much as they could within the timeframe.

The leadership and residents of the community were full of praises and thanks to Nucleus Africa for the project. They emphasized that they had never seen such a selfless and impactful project for their children and would want us to return for more of such.

At Nucleus Africa, we strongly believe that children are the future leaders of our society and it’s only fair that we do our best to build a bright future for ourselves and society at large. Everyone wants to live in a better place, one that is habitable and crime-free. Currently, so many Nigerians fantasize about life outside Nigeria, in a place where jobs are easy to come by, where citizens don’t have to perish in penury. Unfortunately, those are just fantasies. In reality, not everyone will get such an opportunity.

Our nation has made the mistake of neglecting crucial issues like the provision of standard education for the young ones and we have paid dearly for this mistake. The hoodlums, armed robbers, kidnappers, Internet fraudsters who are popularly known as “Yahoo boys” are the dire consequences of this mistake.

Haven’t you ever wondered what pushes these criminals to commit such grievous crimes? Granted, some do it out of greed and impatience. But a good number of them never had the opportunity to become what they wanted, they never had access to proper education and they must have had very slim chances of succeeding.

But no matter how bad things may get, we can salvage the situation. This is why Nucleus Africa embarks on projects like this. We believe that by doing so, we are not just helping the children, we are also investing in the future. We believe that if our little ones are groomed in the right direction, our country would become more habitable, citizens won’t have to live in poverty and Nigeria will finally be that great nation we dream of.

Lastly, we also believe that educating the young ones will make them grow into innovative minds, youths with brand new ideas, ideas that’ll move this country forward. We’d all agree that this is what the country needs.

As you know, Nucleus Africa’s projects are aimed at societal development and we are glad that this particular project was quite successful but we will not relent in our pursuit for a better Nigeria.

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