Support 100 poor Youths Through college Education

Project Senior Secondary School Completion (Project3S) will keep 100 poor students in school in the remote locations in Niger State Nigeria by paying for their tuition fees and supporting them with mentorship programmes to complete their upper secondary school education. Supporting the students will help reduce the number of out of school children, increase secondary school completion rates and promote literacy and economic growth.


According to UNESCO Institute of Statistics, almost 60% of youths aged 15- 17 are not in school. One of the factors responsible for this is wealth. In general, 15-17year olds are 4 times as likely to be out of school as are children aged 6-12. This is because primary and secondary education are compulsory in nearly every country while upper secondary school is not. This project is focused on making sure that 100 youths are not deprived of upper secondary school education as a result of poverty.


Project Senior Secondary School Completion (Project3S) will create access to basic education for 100 indigent youths through scholarships. The students are mentored for better social and civic engagement. The parents and policy makers are engaged through town hall meetings and interpersonal communication to understand the issues of access to basic education for action, funding and sustainability of quality education for young people.

Long-Term Impact

Project3S will create access to basic education for 100 youths, lift them out of poverty and contribute to the national and global goal of ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

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